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Jesse Dahir-Kanehl

Senior Consultant, The Coding Canal

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In the little free time I have, I’m dipping my toes in the world of content creation under the channel name of The Coding Canal. The purpose of that endeavor is to teach people about the benefits of the Microsoft stack, specifically Azure serverless offerings. I hope to provide a unique perspective on those topics and help people in the community learn new technology and answer any questions they have. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I have a lot of hobbies and interests. Almost every aspect of this world fascinates me. When I find time to study it, I thoroughly enjoy researching every detail of that interest. I have learned how to brew beer/wine, play/DM Dungeons & Dragons, grow orchids, rock climb, work on cars, etc. because I have and always will be a passionate student. My first passion was and is growing all sorts of plants. I started off with a greenhouse business in high school and later went to UW Madison to get my BS and MS in Horticulture. I was set on becoming an organic farmer, but after a back injury working on an apple orchard I realized this wasn’t the field for me. I started taking online courses in computer programming and later enrolled at UWL for CS. I joined many clubs and became the Microsoft Student Partner. I got my first developer job at Inland Packaging and eventually became a Senior DotNet Developer. When I was there I made apps and reports for my fellow coworkers using the Microsoft stack (Asp.Net Core, Sql Server, and the Azure cloud). I loved working with end users using agile methodologies to make tools that made their jobs easier. I was also able to go to different conferences, research new technologies, and bring back that knowledge to the other app developers. Now I work as a Senior Consultant for Rural Sourcing Inc, specializing in DotNet and Azure. As a consultant I help the customer that I’m currently placed with development projects and guide them with technical decisions. I work on a Scrum team with BAs, QAs, other developers, a project manager, and a team lead. Together we work seamlessly to tackle problems and build new solutions on our Dynamics 365 CRM platform. Our custom DotNet applications and services that interface with Dynamics are hosted on Azure mostly using Azure Functions, Service Bus, Cosmos DB, and Synapse. Please reach out on all social media platforms @TheCodingCanal

Always question if you're doing the right thing and put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Jesse Dahir-Kanehl

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