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Stanislau Niadbailau

Lead Software Engineer, Humana

Member Since September, 2023

My name is Stas (Stanislau Niadbailau). I am a software engineer at Humana. Part of an "internal consulting" team for the rest of the company with some internal research projects. We strongly believe in a user-centric approach and try to be honest "extreme programmers," including PMs and designers. I am coming to the THAT conference (Texas 2024) and bringing my non-tech wife and my son, who will be nine months old, at the conference. My current areas of interest: Functional Programming and its promise of having great DevEx (including testing). My path: JS -> Haskell(understood I am still newbie) -> C# -> F#(I am here) -> Haskell(I will be back) System Thinking (the most nerdiest understanding you can think of) Leadership functions for innovative teams

Functional Programming
Unit Testing

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