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Adam Morsa

Full Stack Software Engineer, Mountainglow Digital

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👨‍💻I am a dedicated software engineer driven by a lifelong passion for solving problems and creating joy with code. 🎮My engineering journey began when I was just a kid - I would analyze and dissect the systems underlying video games and go on to create my own games using tools like RPGMaker, where I scripted custom environment and battle systems to expand the engine's native functionality. 💻In high school, I was enamored with computer programming, racing ahead to complete months of coursework in mere weeks and immersing myself in crafting text-based adventure games with what I learned. After high school, I built websites for local clients as a freelancer. 📸While my path led me from tech-focused retail to an account management role in digital media distribution and later to pursue a dream of freeform travel and photography, my heart always gravitated back to technology. It was while customizing my photography business' website that I rediscovered my passion for coding, and I embarked on a mission to perfect my skills in web development, mastering the MERN stack and building applications both independently and collaboratively which I am very proud of. 🤝Today, I run a freelance software engineering consultancy under the name Mountainglow Digital, where I craft web solutions for small businesses, with my sights set on the next exciting chapter: joining an engineering team where I can collaborate, grow, and create products that enrich people's lives. ⛺When I'm not coding, there's a good chance I'm camping in the woods, hiking up a mountain, or dreaming of doing one of those two things.

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