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Patrick Robinson

Professional Software Consultant, Lean TECHniques

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Professional Software Consultant with Lean TECHniques base out of Des Moines, IA, living in the San Antonio, TX area. I have a beautiful wife named Abbie, a two-year-old named Luke, and a yet-to-be-named baby boy #2 on the way in May 2024! I also have an 8 year old Standard Poodle named Holly that loves to find the comfiest spot in the room to sleep, even on folded laundry. I probably should mention that I have about 13 years of experience in software development, the latter half in consulting and coaching. Primary languages of choice are C#, TypeScript, Node-related frameworks (Angular, React, I like others, too), and sometimes I write SQL.

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About 30 minutes with ice cubes and whatever shirt you want to wear will remove most wrinkles.

Patrick Robinson

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