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Angela Dugan

CSA Manager, Microsoft

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Community Builder | Whole-hearted People Leader | Value Maximizer | Agent of Change Angela has been in the software world for 25 years, with her experiences ranging from software developer to Microsoft evangelist, to agile coach and people leader. Most recently, Angela transitioned back to Microsoft where she is a leader in the customer success space, serving state and local government agencies. Angela approaches all her roles by fostering an environment where team members can thrive, supporting development of a culture that values diversity, experimentation, and continual improvement. Outside of work, Angela loves playing board games, reading true crime and sci-fi, and is an avid gardener. She and her husband are constantly working on their 100-year-old home with the "help" of their 4 ornery chickens and their rambunctious rescue dog named Sadie.

backyard chickens
strength training
civic tech

Never sit on feedback, constructive or praise, you'll pay the price of that debt ten times over if you sit on it.

Angela Dugan

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