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I am a collaborative and good-humored software engineer with a passion for projects focused on Social Justice and Sustainable & Green Energy. With a BA in Sociology, and MBA in Entrepreneurship and a graduate of General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive program, I've got a great and diverse set of skills and experience, able to see things from empathetically and from numerous perspectives. I've been a major contributor to projects using Vue, React, Django, SQL, Mongo, Node, Unity, C#, and a load of other things. I've got extensive experience in both e-commerce and nonprofits and develop video games in my spare time. Aside from coding, I'm an amateur cellist and have played with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra and now the Reading Symphony Orchestra as well as a lot of folk and Celtic music. I'm a total nerd for Astronomy, Particle Physics, Futurama and Mass Effect. I'm really excited to learn and meet new people at the conference this year and find some new pro

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Approach driving to making traffic flow a bit better, literally, not metaphorically.

Christopher Moriarty

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