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Glenn Block

VP of Product, Uplevel

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Glenn Block is a seasoned leader with 25+ years experience in software engineering and product management. He currently leads product at Uplevel, where he focuses on helping improve the health of engineering teams. He previously worked at a number of hi-tech companies and startups including Microsoft, Splunk, Auth0 and Docusign. In the past Glenn has been a big supporter of the developer and open source community and was an early proponent and adopter of OSS at Microsoft. He is passionate about moving the ball forward for creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment in tech. He invests a large amount of his energy in mentoring and advising in particular for black women and women of color. He is a lifelong learner and recently graduated with an Executive MBA from Seattle University. Glenn loves the outdoors and is an avid mountaineer and rock climber. He lives with his wife and 17 year old daughter in Seattle

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Glenn Block

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