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Luke Goetting

Founder, Puffingston Presentations

Member Since February, 2024

Luke Goetting is an award-winning communications expert & founder of Puffingston Presentations – a creative consultancy based in Austin, Texas. Goetting specializes in crafting engaging, interactive experiences for audiences around the world – both externally at events like CES, TEDx & SXSW and internally at All-Hands Events for Dell, IBM, Lenovo & many other industry-leading organizations. As a Millennial company leader, Goetting coaches Gen-Z employees on maximizing their effectiveness at work, consults with clients aiming to inspire Gen-Z & enjoys close ties to his many Gen-Z relatives. He champions the principles of 2-Way Communications and a “Lead with Why” management ethos, embodying a commitment to genuine dialogue and purpose-driven leadership.

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