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Eric Olsson

Lead Software Engineer, Hireology

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Firstly, I'm a Christian, saved by grace alone through faith alone. Soli Deo Gloria. In my career, I started out writing bespoke business software for some small companies before accepting a job where I pretty much did the same thing. Only this time, people who were much better at the non-development parts of the business took care of that. From there, I moved into the healthcare sector, doing mostly .NET development while learning about writing software for medical devices. I met some fantastic people, and I got to work on a neat product that is used during labor and delivery. After my stint in healthcare, I moved on to DocuSign where I got to work with some fantastic people on a great product. I'm now working as a Lead Software Engineer at Hireology. We offer Applicant Tracking Software for distributed companies to help manage their hiring.

If you find yourself standing in a hole you've dug for yourself, the first thing you should do is stop digging.

Eric Olsson

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