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Aaron Libner

Client Champion of Software Development, Coulee Tech

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Contact me at [email protected] or (715) 800-3104. Prior to working Coulee Tech I worked with SEEK Careers/Staffing, Inc. While at SEEK Careers/Staffing, Inc I was a Business Development Partner. In my role, I worked one on one with businesses to develop strategic staffing plans to fill their open positions. I worked with various community leaders to establish partnerships for further recruiting resources. I serve on several committees involved with/or related to workforce initiatives. Today, I work with Coulee Tech as a Client Champion of Software Development. At Coulee Tech, we exist to kick the butt of slow computer networks, protect business from cyber terrorists and criminals, while creating amazing software solutions for manufacturers. In my role I will work directly with businesses and business executives in all the above categories. In addition, I will continue give back to our community through service and volunteering. I am an active member involved with the EC Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and a sit as a board/committee member in a couple different area committees. Outside of work, I love spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. My wife, Erin, and daughter Raelynn, are my pride and joys and I love spending any time I can with them. We love to spend time outdoors and take in the beautiful sites of Wisconsin and watching or attending various sporting events.

Cyber Security, Software Development, Sports (preferably full contact), spending time with family and friends

Give an individual a fish they eat for a while. Teach an individual to fish, they eat for a lifetime.

Aaron Libner

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