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Hit spell check because THAT Conference Call for Counselors is now open


In just 66 days, THAT Campsite will be set and ready to rock, but not without the most important part, YOU! That’s right, from July 26th through July 29th, THAT Conference is back, and we want YOU to submit a session to share your unique perspective and awesome with an amazing community. Regardless of age, experience, or tech stack… you have something awesome to share and a community of people who want to hear it. Let’s get right to it: THAT 2021 Call for Counselors (Speakers) is NOW OPEN, but fair warning not for long.

New This Year

Dare we say we’ve gone “digital-first”? Sounds fancy, right? The truth is we’re a believer in continuous refactoring, and let’s be honest, the resort isn’t big enough for the camp we want to set up. THAT Conference is now comprised of two primary delivery methods: online or in-person.

Online activities are solely delivered online, authentic to their audience. They are meant to be very interactive, be global, and happen at any time for any length of time. They’re limited to 100 people, but some of the best, most engaging activities happen with just a few geeks. The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to have this addition.

In-person activities are just that; they’re physically in-person and also authentic to their audience. Typically they’re orchestrated with a single speaker and are limited by time and physical space.

That means, regardless of where you are in the world, or maybe experiencing restrictions on travel, we think we have a new format to fit everyone best.

Submission Process

This year we have built a NEW submission process to accommodate our community needs better and help us continue to grow. From now until June 14th, we are accepting submissions. Due to the pesky bugs around camp, this year’s schedules have been, well, shortened. Unfortunately, this year we will not be doing a community vote, and we will announce this year’s lineup just 4 days later, on June 18th.

Counselor Benefits

If selected to speak, you will receive a ticket to attend all 4 days of THAT Conference; meals during the event, including the THAT Pig Roast; 2-night stay at the Kalahari per accepted talk (3 nights max per family); possible opportunity for professional recording of your session and countless networking opportunities.

Ready For All THAT Help?

Do you…

  • Need some help formalizing your idea?
  • Would you like someone to review your session and provide feedback?
  • Just curious if it’s a subject people will find valuable?
  • Need a bit of mentoring and support?

Simply put, we’re here to help. Not just the folks at THAT Conference but the entire community who represents THAT. If you need help, jump in the #sessions channel in our Slack and ask away. Join one of our Wednesday Interactive Abstract Review Activities on, or, if you rather, email us at [email protected]. The worst thing you can do is not ask; let us help you be your most awesome.

Tickets Are Already On Sale

Tickets for THAT Conference are available, and the discounted room blocks at the Kalahari are open. Remember, these room blocks are limited, so get your ticket and room today! All the ticket and travel details can be found at

Upcoming Important Dates

  • 6/14 – Call For Speakers Closes
  • 6/18 – Speakers Announced
  • 6/28 – Room Blocks Close
  • 7/23 – Ticket Sales End
  • 7/26 – THAT Pre-Conference
  • 7/27 – THAT Starts!

We are looking forward to seeing you in July!

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