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THAT Online Recap & THAT Board is officially open!

Hey Camper, it’s Clark here.

Thank you.

These days time seems to slip by too fast. Last week marked our first ever online event, dubbed THAT Online. Over 900 people, in 24 countries, across 5 continents joined together and added 97 sessions to THAT board. That’s 97 different conversations we each had a chance to participate in all in just 1 day. We’re extremely excited about the opportunities in front of us and those still yet unimagined, but more importantly we’re excited to expand our campsite world wide. Our industry has this amazing diversity and each and every single day we have this ability to work together regardless of where our camp chairs lie.

One year ago I stood on stage and muttered this vision of mine, Last week we took an unconventional approach to the “virtual conference”. Rather than just hosting yet another online event, we started to create a platform focused on connecting geeks and geeklings worldwide, every day, but in a different way. We want to create a safe place where we can all authentically engage with one another in a deeper more impactful way at anytime. August 3rd marked the day we launched THAT ( ). If you’d like to watch my opening keynote where I talk more about where we’ve come from and where we’re headed, just head over to our YouTube Channel:

THAT 2020

We’ve just started. THAT Board is open!

I meant it when I said, there is no reason to shut things down or wait for a particular time to have the conversation we want to have now. Yesterday we pushed another major update to enabling us to have a conversation, a code review, an AMA, whatever, whenever. This means THAT Board is now officially open. In fact, next Friday, August 21st at 12PM Central, I’m inviting you to join me as we do a virtual product review of Feel free to join in, provide any feedback, and help us shape its upcoming releases.

Intentionally Creating Balance

It’s my personal goal to continue helping us all grow together in new and interesting ways but also continue to invite EVERYONE to become part of THAT family. Together it’s our diversity where we achieve greatness and build our best products but it’s also everyone’s responsibility to help make that a reality for all.

At the close of THAT Online I talked to 7 amazing women who I deeply respect and draw inspiration from. Each and every day they set out to change our community for the better and it was the start of many conversations to come exploring diversity. I’d like to publicly thank each of them for taking the time to talk with all of us. See the discussion at

THAT Gear, THAT Store

We’re fulfilling orders as fast as possible. Hopefully we’re all caught up this week although our international orders will take a bit longer. Better yet, I’ve extended the discount codes through the end of September, especially since some items went on backorder. Oh yea, did I mention we now have a store? Just head over to and check out the new gear and in the coming months we will continue to add new and fun items.

I can’t wait to see you on THAT. Whether you’re looking for features, ideas, bugs, or just curious, you can check it all out at

❤️ Clark

P.S. Be on the look out for more focused events like we did for THAT Online. Maybe even one in September 😉

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