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Load the Board! Keynotes Announced!

Get ready Campers, it’s time to setup camp. In fact, the fun starts today at 4pm CDT Join us for a pre-THAT social call.

Monday marks our first ever THAT Online. As you might already know, we’ve taken a different approach to the “virtual conference”. Our approach: create a platform removing artificial boundaries, a safe place where we can ALL collaborate in a more creative meaningful way, enabling our true inner practitioner. Of course, we can do it anytime, anywhere, and any way we see fit.

You’re the Practitioner. You create the schedule! Yes, YOU!

Let’s say you want to have a code review. Great, add it to the schedule! Maybe you want to share your experience on the latest Javascript framework. Do it. Looking for advice from others? Ask away. I think you’re starting to get the idea here. No topic is too small, no format is required.

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.


Keynotes are core to THAT and this year is no different. I know you’ve been anxiously waiting for more details and here they are. This year our keynotes will be streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Head over to for all of the details.

Our first keynote is kicking off at 8:00am CDT by our very own Clark Sell ME.

Remember where we’ve been. Look to where we’re going!

The idea of “THAT” started on a napkin during lunch just a few miles from where I still live today. That was 2010, but just one year ago I proclaimed “We’re just getting started”. Fast forward and today, right this very instance, we need one another more than ever. People are the backbone of any community but our actions represent the things we can be proud of. I’m going to reflect on the past, address the present, and talk about my vision for a brighter future. Hint, hint, it started today and it’s all of us, THAT.US.

Then, at 5pm CDT our second keynote will hit the airwaves. This time it’s an in-depth panel discussion and, like always, your questions are welcomed. Clark will be joined by an amazing group of women: April Monique Shields, Sara Gibbons, Jaimee Newberry, Caroline Sober-James, Jill Hauwiller, Rachel Krause, and Cassie Breviu.

Intentionally creating balance

Open, honest, and safe conversations can be very difficult but they’re also healthy and essential. Making change requires intentionality, patience, listening but most importantly trust. In this keynote, Clark chats with a panel of amazing women; women who have inspired him, women who are trying to make real change in our community, and women who put themselves out there to help each and every day. We’re going to explore some of their daily challenges, and more importantly, understand what changes we all can instill in our daily activities. We can always be a better version of ourselves, and together we can be a stronger THAT.

Both keynotes are meant to be interactive. Comment from any platform, and we will do our very best to weave your thoughts and questions into the topic at hand.

It’s go time. Go check out the schedule Create an account and add it to the board. Camp is officially open.

~ Clark

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