Clark Sell
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Speakers! Speakers!! Speakers!!!

Without question, one of the most challenging milestones for us is picking counselors. No matter where we all call home, there are wonderful awesome folks passionate about sharing their knowledge and hardships to help others be one tick better. On behalf of everyone who has ever consumed someone else’s knowledge, Thank You.

Today is a fantastic milestone.

We have Camp Counselors and a schedule.

Again we want to thank everyone for being part of this entire process, and we can’t wait to meet everyone in January.

We need your help.

On a more serious note, we need your help. Would you mind telling your fellow geeks and companies about THAT? Like you, we’re slinging tech all day, not marketing. We’re focused on you. Our marketing comes from all of you telling others about THAT with open arms. We’re grateful to be surrounded by so many generous people, and we’re passionate about the community. You might not think a little social post or telling someone is a big deal, but it is.

What’s Next?

  • Keynote announcements
  • Overall tweaks and additions to the schedule
  • Website updates around performance and the schedule UX/UI
  • A new behind the scenes daily vlog of all things THAT
  • On THAT, Call for Counselors will open back up on December 1st.
  • Call for Sponsors is open for TX and WI * Oh, and if you’re in the United States, Thanksgiving.

Check out our Sponsors

We can’t do any of this without your support and the support of our sponsors. Make sure to visit the companies investing in our community and helping make all of this a reality.

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