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THAT Online Tickets Are Now On Sale

Tickets are now on sale!

This August we’re setting up a new kind of camp. This year’s THAT Conference puts you in the driver’s seat. You set the topics. You set the schedule. You pick the price. You’re in control all from the comfort of your own camp chair. We’re calling it THAT Online.

Our theme this year: Inspire & Connect

New Camp, New Format, New Possibilities

Our mission is simple: to connect people. We want to help each and everyone of you level up. While it’s impossible to replicate our time together in August online, THAT Online brings us all a whole new set of opportunities. We’re not bound by physical space and time; that means we can further fulfill our 365 day mission.

This year we’re taking our two favorite parts of THAT Conference and are bringing them to you online: Keynote(s) and Open Spaces. Right now we’re expanding our platform to best facilitate Open Spaces but online.

How do I participate?

You will need a ticket to enter camp. This year we’ve restructured our tickets and you get to pick the price. For this year, to better reflect the event, there are four ticket types to choose from: Camper, Patron Camper, Partner, and Corporate Partner. Here’s the rundown of the differences between each ticket type so you can find the best fit for you.

Camper - Minimum \$0

This ticket provides access to the event with no base contribution to THAT Conference.

Patron Camper - Minimum \$25

For making at least a \$25 contribution to the THAT Conference, this ticket gets you access to THAT Online while helping support our mission. Besides event access, you will also receive a unique profile digital merit badge on your THAT member profile and a 10% discount on all merchandise at THAT Store!

Partner - Minimum \$250

This ticket is reserved for individuals, sole proprietors, and start-ups with less than 1M in ARR and starts with at least a \$250 minimum contribution to THAT Conference. In addition to event access, Partners are listed on THAT Conference website as a Partner with a linked logo and social media. Also includes a 20% discount merchandise merchandise at THAT Store!

Corporate Partner - Minimum \$1000

This ticket is reserved for companies with over 1M in annual revenue and starts at a minimum \$1000 contribution to THAT Conference. In addition to event access, Corporate Partners receive a linked logo and social media on the THAT Conference website, a social media mention, an in-event mention and the ability to post up to 3 job openings on the THAT Conference job board. Also includes a 20% discount for merchandise at THAT Store!

All tickets, at time of purchase, will provide you with an option to add-on exclusive 2020 merchandise in a color not available in the THAT Conference store. A THAT Conference login is required to access the event. Tickets and add-on merchandise are non-refundable after purchase.

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