Luke Schlangen

Camp Counselor

Code Championship - Competitive Computer Coding for Kids

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Thursday, July 27, 2023 - 6:00 PM UTC, for 2 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: 6

coding competition
competitive coding

Build a computer bot to play head-to-head against other coders! Whether this is your first Code Championship event, or if you've been competing for years, this is the perfect way to explore the competitive coding world of Code Championship. No previous coding experience necessary. If you have a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox, no additional download is required.


0:00 | Players enter and get ready 0:05 | Walk through event plan 0:10 | Introduce challenge 0:15 | Build and help time 0:45 | Pool play 1:10 | Build and help time 1:20 | Tournament play 1:50 | Congratulations and goodbyes


Please come knowing how to navigate the internet (basic typing and mouse control like drag and drop). If you have used Scratch before, you'll be in great shape!

Take Aways

  • Introduction to Coding
  • A belief that code is exciting and fun!

Supporting Resources

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