Kevin Feasel

Camp Counselor

Does This Look Weird to You? An Introduction to Anomaly Detection

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023 - 3:30 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: 5

Cognitive Services

Discovering anomalies is a critical part of systems monitoring, financial auditing, and more. In this session, we will gain an understanding of what constitutes an anomaly, starting with a general concept of anomalies and then moving into technical definitions. We will review techniques for detecting anomalies for both time series and non-series data and implement a simple anomaly detector in .NET. Finally, we will compare these results against Microsoft's anomaly detector in Azure Cognitive Services.


Nothing. We will start from scratch with outlier detection.

Take Aways

  • Learn what outliers and anomalies are
  • Understand several techniques for performing outlier detection
  • Implement a simple outlier detector with ML.NET
  • Integrate with Azure Cognitive Services Anomaly Detector
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