Getting Started

What is an Activity?

Activities are topic-based scheduled gatherings that anyone can create for any multitude of reasons in which anyone can join. An activity is simple, a video call in the browser with no tools required. Every Activity has a chat window, the ability to share your desktop, and enables your webcam and microphone. You choose the format that best suits the topic and the people in the conversation.

What makes a good Activity?

An activity's success shouldn't be graded on the number of people in attendance but rather the conversation which was had and the knowledge that was shared.

Yes, anything can be an Activity. Activities are about the people involved and the conversation that will be had. They're meant to be dynamic and highly interactive. The topic and the user's problems should determine the format to allow everyone to learn together. So what can you do, well anything but here are a few things that have happened to date:

  • Presentations
  • User group meetings
  • Virtual conferences
  • Office Hours
  • Code Reviews
  • Design Reviews
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Q&A
  • AMA
  • Just Get Together and Chat
Example: product review and sprint planning Activity.

How long can an Activity be?

The length of an Activity is up to you. An Activity may be a short 30 minutes or last all day. We have seen quick 30-minute issue triage, to an entire weekend hackathon-type activity. It's entirely up to you and what you are trying to achieve. In the example above you will see our bi-weekly sprint review which typically lasts for an hour.

Who can create and who can join an Activity?

Anybody and Anybody! That's correct. Anyone with an active public THAT account is allowed to create an activity. As for joining, anyone with an active THAT account can join.