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Brett Hughes

Software Engineer Apprentice, Nashville Software School

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Hello THAT community. I am currently based in Nashville, TN with an eclectic work history. Throughout my work and educational history, I have gained a wide range of skills that I believe will provide impactful perspective to the tech industry. I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where I nurtured my creativity, gained valuable practice ethics, and expanded cultural inspirations as a person and a professional. Being a part of the management team at AvRoKo Hospitality gave critical experience in professional cross-company communications between in house staff, marketing, branding, and partners. Managing crews and inspecting cell towers at Trylon Inc. significantly advanced my attention to detail, and task tracking while remotely collaborating with management when traveling in the field. My current role at CP Rigging provides the opportunity to analyze factors or risk and time management while frequently putting me in an architectural mindset. I also have realized parallels between rock climbing and programming in the way we, as communities try something, fail, try again, ask for help, solve the problem, and then share our success or failures with others.

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Humans can get used to about anything. Find what you want and get used to it.

Brett Hughes

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