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Shon Harris

Developer Relations Lead, Spot by NetApp

Member Since August, 2023

Shon W. Harris is a dedicated technologist and ultra-geek. He comes to NetApp after almost a decade working in cloud native roles such as Principal Cloud Architect and a DevOps Engineering Lead, where he took complex software packages and processes, shifting them into a cloud-first mindset, building secure, highly available systems to enhance the way customers no matter the size or industry segment run their business. He also has a background in digital forensics and incident response. Before focusing on cloud-native solutions, he spent nearly two decades working in front-line Information Technology operations at multiple companies across different industry segments, including healthcare, higher education, small/medium businesses, and even startups. He holds a Master of Science in Information Systems with an emphasis in Information Security and data management from The Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah and multiple industry certifications from AWS, Microsoft, and others. In his role at Spot by NetApp, he advocates for customers to assist the Developers and Technologists who use the Spot Platform to release faster running their workloads on optimized infrastructure and see value in maximizing cloud spend.

Cloud Ops,
Platform Engineering

It is absolutley possible to run your production workloads on Spot instances!

Shon Harris

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