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Russell Fustino

Developer Advocate, Algorand

Member Since July, 2020

Russ Fustino is a Developer Advocate on Blockchain for Algorand & is a Microsoft MVP reconnect in App Development. Fustino has a passion for building blockchain solutions conveying relevant, current, and future software development. Russ is the recipient of INETA Lifetime Achievement Award and is a professional presenter. He speaks all over to whoever will listen. He has written code that many have used. He’s been creating developer content for over two decades, coding for twice that and delivering webinars and videos for three decades. He codes, writes, speaks, empowers, promotes, networks, publishes, learns and listens – usually not in that order.

All things blockchain.
Music Blockchain solutions.

I am in the right place at the right time as an Algorand Blockchain developer.

Russell Fustino

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