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I'm a retired engineer with over forty years designing systems with computers/controllers in them and writing the code that makes them go. I loved almost ever minute of that time. I became interested in electronics when I was twelve years old. Long story short, I was inspired by the narrative Carl & Jerry stories I read in early '60s copies of Popular Electronics. One story, The Firefly, sparked my interest into actually building my own version of that robot. You can read an essay with more details here: Now that I'm retired I'm looking for a way to pay my fortune forward. YouTube has many channels that show you how to make things of all kinds but I've never seen any that tell stories about how thrilling it is to make things. So that's my quest, to create stories like the ones I was inspired by and put them out for the world to enjoy. I'm personally interested in turning them into free videos on YouTube but they could also be released in print or audio or any format. To do this the stories have to be written. I've spent a couple of years learning to write but it's much harder than I expected. Besides, I want these stories to be embraced all people. I don't think I can write authentically about minority young folks so I want to find people who can. That's my goal, at least right now. You can read more about this idea here: Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. Peace, Rob:-]

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