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Raed Ahsan

Sn. Penetration tester, Youngest cybersecurity expert PAK,KSA,UAE.,

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Raed Ahsan is Pakistan's youngest ethical hacker and a cyber security expert living in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. He has 4 years of experience in the field of cyber security and has also spoken at conferences (BlackHat MEA 2022, InfoSec, GISEC 2023, Cyber Next, etc.) to help organizations secure themselves from emerging cyber attacks that become sophisticated day by day. He has also spoken at Blackhat 2023 Nov and the Cyber Security Council's conference in Dubai 2023. Raed Ahsan has also achieved the Outstanding Leadership Award 2023 from Internet 2.0 Dubai for his excellent contribution to the industry of technology and cybersecurity to make the world a better and more secure place. Raed is also a published author of automated exploits that make penetration testing completely automated. Raed Ahsan has also helped people across the globe by giving them knowledge about cyber security and helping organizations and individuals protect themselves and their families from cybercrimes through his YouTube channel, namely @r-security. He has worked for various big tech giants and protected them from cyber crimes by 89% including projects of NIST that were a part of his purple teaming certification. Raed is also working on starting up his organization providing all kinds of services of cybersecurity including Red Team, Blue Team, and Purple Team, making it one of the most efficient and sophisticated organizations. I have also been featured on Gulf news and other news channels including that of my home country due to my outstanding contribution to the cyber industry.

cybersecurity, professional, ethical hacking, purple teaming

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Raed Ahsan

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