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Nicolette Anderson

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I've worked as a software engineer for nine years. I started out with ASP.NET Webforms and vanilla JavaScript. As my journey into development continued, I worked with content management; Kentico, specifically, and a little with Wordpress. I got into .NET MVC web apps, then MVVM with KnockoutJS. After a few years, I dove into mobile development, but stayed on the .NET train with Xamarin Native. I became Xamarin certified and worked in Agile teams, and also became a PSM I certified Scrum Master through After working with mobile apps for about a year, I covered the last base in platforms by getting into desktop development with WPF. Along with WPF, I used Telerik and DevExpress tools. I'm back to mobile development now, working on transforming a Xamarin Native app to .NET MAUI, and am a huge fan of the changes MAUI has that make mobile development so much easier! Outside of work, but still on geeky pursuits, I love being a positive role model to show kids there is a place for everyone in tech. I've been a speaker for Microsoft DigiGirlz and taught as a volunteer teacher for Microsoft TEALS for two years. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin with my daughter, who is 12, and two very conversational parakeets named Flapjack and Peanut.

mobile development, building computers, running, hiking, skiing, reading

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Nicolette Anderson

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