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Mary Lou Essert

Quality Engineer IV, CUNA Mutual Group

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I am a Quality Coach enabling Quality among all Teams and am currently supporting IT Retirement. I absolutely LOVE what I do! My background includes 30 years in IT at CUNA Mutual group with practical experience as the following: SCRUM Master, DBA, Agile SAFe and LeSS practices, Application Development, Project Management, Data Warehouse Infrastructure liaison, Proprietary database management, Unix scripting and development. What drives me? Change, adaptability, collaboration, people, soaking in different perspectives and experiences. Fun facts: I started at CUNA Mutual while attending UW Madison (Computer Science) working part time at night. I would doze off at the Memorial Union studying only to have a dream that I would be late for work that evening. I hated machine learning, but loved C (and Pascal). Advice: Love what you do, and if you don't find something new!

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Mary Lou Essert

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