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Mary Grygleski

Streaming Developer Advocate, DataStax

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Mary is a Java Champion and a passionate Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax, a leading data management company that champions Open Source software and specializes in Big Data, DB-as-a-service, Streaming, and Cloud-Native systems. She spent 3.5 years previously as a very effective advocate at IBM, focusing on Java, Jakarta EE, OpenJ9, Open Source, Cloud, and Distributed Systems. She transitioned from Unix/C to Java around 2000 and has never looked back since then. She considers herself a polyglot and loves to continue learning new and better ways to solve real-life problems. She is an active tech community builder outside of her day job, and currently the President of the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG).

I am a passionate and caring developer advocate, interested in instilling a healthy sense of positivity in everyone and building tech communities
I am a very seasoned world traveler and started traveling when I was 11 as a member of a youth choir in Hong Kong
I was trained in classical music, learned to play the piano from 4 to 16, and completed the highest "amateur" grade of music in the U.K. Royal Schools of Music.
I used to be a track athlete when I was in school until I got a knee injury after high school.
I am also an NPR and all sorts of public radio "junkie"

Not be afraid of making mistakes and don't ever be dragged down by worrying being judged. Be a daredevil and try anything that you feel drawn to.

Mary Grygleski

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