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Mandy Hubbard

Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, ngrok

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I am passionate about software quality, good processes, and great documentation. I spent almost 20 years in QA leadership roles where I focused on ensuring the best experience for end users. When I discovered CI/CD, I was immediately interested because I saw it as a way to expand software quality initiatives beyond the testing phase by baking testing into the software delivery pipeline and ensuring successful, repeatable deployments. I wanted to create processes that made it easier for developers to run tests while also preventing developers from merging their code until the tests were successful. I witnessed too many bad deployments and wished to create better experiences in the future. After working with numerous development teams and witnessing their struggles, I became fervent about improving the developer experience with better tools and processes. I sought to make their lives easier. In a sense, I transferred the care I held for customers as a QA engineer to supporting developers as end-users through developer advocacy.


Take time each morning to set yourself up for success (ie exercise, meditation, reading something not related to work) and you will create more freely and be more productive in fewer hours.

Mandy Hubbard

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