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Justin Linn

Software Engineer, Paramount (CBS Interactive/CBS Sports)

Member Since September, 2022

I have always been an early adopter of technology particularly software. I feel in love when I realized I could augment my workflows by using software to cope with thing I suck at doing, you know the human thing. Overtime I became obsessed with streamlined user experience (UX) since I am horrible at so many things I wanted to get in and out as fast as possible. In 2017 I became so frustrated with the state of UX so much so that I dropped out of college and started to teach myself to code and eventually went to bootcamp at The Iron Yard where I then got my first job straight out of school. I have been coding every day since and the rest is history. My main technology stack is JavaScript (React/Node). Over the years I have dabbled in Ruby, Python, GraphQL, and GoLang.

Open Source Software
Jiu Jjitsu
Video Games (Apex Legends)

Solve complexed problems with simple solutions.

Justin Linn

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