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Josiah L

CEO, JML Tech Studios

Member Since February, 2024

Hey there, I'm Josiah, CEO of JML Tech Studios. As an award-winning author and entrepreneur, I'm on a mission to make tech accessible and exciting for everyone. My passion extends beyond the boardroom—I'm actively involved in mentoring youth at my Tech Camp, teaching the ropes of 3D printing, AI software development, and cinema photography. Honored with the 2024 Strategic Vision Award in Technology Solutions, I'm driven to inspire and innovate. Currently, I'm working on an AI-powered gimbal and developing software to empower companies with cutting-edge solutions. Join me on this tech-driven journey!

coding, building PC, Over Clocking, 3 D Printing, Photography, Drone

When facing a intimidating task, break it down into smaller, manageable steps to make progress more achievable and less overwhelming

Josiah L

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