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Itagyba Kuhlmann

Head of Data Engineering, Darwin Seguros

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I'm a musician. I've learned music since I was four years old. I've played piano, guitar, and cello professionally in an orchestra. I worked on Projeto Guri for a decade (1999-2009) and helped youngsters to learn music and change their history. They changed my history so much as well. I also used to sing in a choir and, back in 1997, I even became an opera singer. I played a part in an opera assembly called Treemonisha by Scott Joplin. In 1998, I served the military forces in Brazil's army and became a sergeant in the military reserve. Many people think that soldiers have to learn how to take out lives, but we spend more time learning how to save them, whether through a CPR procedure or a wounded transport exercise. In 2008 I decided to become a computer guy, and in 2012 I graduated in this area. Now I am a data engineer/scientist. I worked with Artificial Intelligence teaching robots to have good conversations and speak properly using artificial neural networks. With my startup, Loud Voice Services, I won 4 Cannes Lions prizes in 2018 with The Canceller - a voice bot that calls telecom companies to help customers cancel contracts, which is a frustrating task here in Brazil. IBMEC-SP invited me to be a professor for Innovation Analytics in Business in the Global Business MBA course. I've worked as Dataops Engineer for Dell Technologies, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Ojo Labs, and now I am Head of Data Engineering at Darwin Seguros - Insurtech in Brazil.

Data engineering
Data science
Cloud Computing

People who uses combination padlocks usually leave their secret when it is open.

Itagyba Kuhlmann

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