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I was born in Austin, Tx. I served in the military Air Force ReCon Ranger. I played professional sports for 8 years. I have two degrees from a junior college and spent 30+ years in senior management, in the Hospitality industry. In 2008 I discovered that I had become a victim of Identity Theft. Someone had used my personal data to open a checking account and write thousands of dollars in bad checks. Where I was facing 2-20 years in a state prison and a fine of $10,00 -$100,000 dollars. This was in 1983, where at the time I was in Europe. A warrant had been issued, and my journey began. Clearing this issue up is where I discovered that there was a huge gap between what Identity Theft really is and the information being shared with individuals. Since then, I have been conducting educational seminars and consultations to individuals and small business owners. Identity Theft Solutions, is currently in it's 10th year and in 21 states. I have spoken at the University of Texas A&M, Dept of Commerce, The Bsides SATX Cyber Security Symposium, and the Michigan Insurance Agents National Convention. I was also a Keynote speaker for Austin Small Business Week and several Chambers in the local area.

Reading, Martial Arts, and Basketball.

Never test the depth of the river with both feet.


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