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Dennis Moon

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Dennis Moon is a senior software engineer | solutions architect with a 20+ year history working in many diverse industries. Strong engineering professional skilled in Azure application architecture design and infrastructure deployments, agile development practices, cloud-native development, ASP.NET Core for web applications (including Blazor) and microservices, single-page applications (SPA) using Blazor WebAssembly and Angular 9+, and Azure DevOps CI/CD build and release pipelines. He is an avid lifelong learner with a voracious appetite for staying on top of current technology trends. He rapidly soaks up new knowledge and loves to share what he learns with others. After many years of benefiting from the open-source developer community, he now wishes to contribute in-kind through his blog. Dennis lives in the suburbs near Middleton, WI with his wife who lovingly supports (puts up with) him and the many, many hours he spends learning his craft by reading books and watching Pluralsight and Egghead videos. When Dennis doesn’t have his head buried in technology, he loves to enjoy music as a patron, and as a guitar player and singer. He even likes to occasionally venture outdoors into the sunlight and breath some fresh air. After all, living in rural Wisconsin does have its advantages.

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Dennis Moon

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