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Caroline Sober-James

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Caroline leads the UX practice at Acumium, a digital agency in Madison, WI, with deep expertise in strategy, design, and technology. She works closely with her clients and her team to design good-looking, goal-oriented, and highly functional websites and applications that allow people to get important stuff done quickly and easily. She loves pragmatic UX (especially OOUX), radical candor, and getting shit done. She likes to say the essence of her job is to be of service, make people happy, and help the web suck a little less every day. She loves her job, her team, and Mondays (yes, really). She’s spent the last almost 20 years in a variety of roles that have given her unique depth and breadth of knowledge and empathy around people, UX, web design, and software development. Caroline lives in Madison with her husband, two kids, and huge, derpy dog, Sugar Bear.

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Be scared and do it anyway. Say yes before you're fully confident you can succeed. It's the express lane to growth.

Caroline Sober-James

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