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Bukola Stewart

Head of Talent, Callibrity

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Executive Recruiter/Sourcer, Sales Guy and Social Media Hack with 15 years of industry experience. My story: I grew up around tech, my father had a big influence on me because of his background as the Director of Technology for companies like GE and Fidelity. He would always say "that programming is where the future is headed. Be a developer because almost everything will be digitally automated in the future." So, I didn't quite live up to my Dad's aspiration of being a programmer (too much math :)). However, I have been told by other programmers that I'm pretty knowledgeable compared to other technical recruiters/sales pros that they've met it the past. I think my biggest "value add" is my ability to help companies grow by finding that elusive hire which helps my client/company get to the "next level" that everyone strives to reach.

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Bukola Stewart

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