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Merrie Williamson

Corporate Vice President of Azure Infrastructure and IoT at Microsoft, Microsoft

Member Since September, 2022

Merrie is a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft where she is responsible for the company’s global commercial sales, strategy, and execution for the core multi-billion-dollar Azure business. She designs organizations and systems that are grounded in learning cultures with a foundation of diverse talent. Merrie sets a compelling vision for the future, where both technology and human elements come together to drive outstanding business outcomes. Before joining Microsoft Merrie worked in the technology sector for over 20 years. She directed strategic investments in products from technical inception to launch, typically in a cutting-edge area for the business, bringing together organizations, corporate partnerships, and leading sales teams to deliver revenue. With a background in Manufacturing Engineering, Merrie is ardent about finding solutions for the under-representation of women and underrepresented people in STEM and sales. Merrie speaks to hundreds of CIOs a year to discuss how they think about integration of cloud into all aspects of their business, and through that experience she has built a comprehensive global world view. Merrie brings a voice of expertise as customers' executives and boards navigate and create actionable plans around complex social issues and developing cultures that draw in and maintain top talent. She is experienced and qualified to assist boards in developing a vision that aligns with modern cloud capabilities. Merrie is vocal in supporting equity, human rights and the responsibility of leaders to lead the conversations inside corporate communities and, in turn, our global communities.

Digital Transformation
Creating pathways into STEM
Diversity & Inclusion

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