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Alexa Beach

Quality Assurance Lead, Allied Payment Network

Member Since January, 2023

Alexa has over 10 years of experience in advocating for quality throughout various projects. She is passionate about not only testing functionality, but also testing from the perspective of the end-user. Because of her strong belief that testing should be approached as early in the process as possible, she engages in quality advocacy at every stage of the project, from designing the user interface to uncovering and documenting business requirements. Please don’t throw something over the wall at her. 
When she is not working, Alexa enjoys spending time with her family at their lake place or a nearby local winery. If you don’t find her there, she is probably at home snuggled up with her pup and a cup of coffee.

Enjoy hanging at lake with my family and dog

Always show kindness

Alexa Beach

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