THAT Online - June

June 15, '21, 11:00 AM

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An online event designed for interaction

We created THAT to fill a gap between the times when we cannot physically connect. We believe peer-to-peer learning is one of the most powerful ways we can help one another any day of the year.

Every month we host THAT Online aimed at bringing us all together to recenter and recharge.

Built to support the practitioners

Nothing will ever replace just talking with someone and learning from each other's experiences. Our problems are hard, they require context and that's ok. This is why we've created a platform to connect people more authentically, true to peer-to-peer learning.

24 hours long, each and every time zone.
We know you're busy. Rather than complicate your schedule, we're creating an opportunity to get involved when it works for you.
Audio or video and even your desktop.
Sometimes all you need is a short conversation and other times you want to share your screen and dive deep into code. We're here to support you, your topic in the best way possible.
Grow your network.
THAT is a community, not just an event. Events are a reunion, the platform connects us, and the conversation happens every day, 365 days a year.


The traditional session style, in which an idea, product, or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience. Best when left ample time for Q&A.

Peer Reviews

A conversation centered on one's piece of work with others who have similar interests. This style is meant to be interactive with participants for all to help, learn, or understand the topic.


A style in which a person or group of people ask questions and others provide answers. This format is intended to be open-ended along with the inclusion of all opinions if an opinion-style question is asked.

Open Space

An activity designed around discussing a topic or sharing an experience with others. This style is meant to be interactive with all participants interested in similar topics.

Panel Discusion

A style in which a group of people in a specific topic engage in conversation together in front of an audience.


Get to know one another better by engaging everyone in the conversation. Make sure to give everyone space to participate.

A platform designed to support us

Built to support you; the developer, tester, manager, thought leader, entrepreneur, the true practitioner. Designed to help us all support one other while growing together without the limitation of time, format, or location.

We're all speakers, practitioners.
Do you have a specific technical question or looking to share an experience with others? Anyone and everyone are welcome to submit, join, and participate in any activity that interests them.
Any topic, any format.
Why create artificial limitations when we don't have to? You create the topics, not us. It's your participation that helps drive everyone's growth. It's our diversity that helps each of us be our best in all aspects of our work.

Support Us, Supporting You.

We could create a free platform, but then you become the product. To that we say no thank you, we're the product. We're taking the approach of creating a monetization strategy of help us, help you.

THAT Membership

Includes every online event, every feature and even a discount to THAT Conference while helping us manage our yearly budget.

What's included

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Year Commitment, Automatic Renewal

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