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Tickets Are On Sale and a backpack full of updates


Summer is quickly approaching, and it’s true we’ve been hard at work setting up camp. Over the next few months, we’ll be dropping some updates in your inbox, but if you ever have questions, please feel free to ask.

Now, are you ready for camp? We sure are! Below are several items you need to be aware of.

2021 Tickets Are Now On Sale!

Tickets for THAT Conference 2021 are now on sale! Head over to and purchase your tickets today. On July 26th - 29th, not August, we’re back at the Kalahari Resort in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells, WI.

July will be here before we know it, and we’ve got plenty to get done. This year’s camp will look a bit different and most notably is our new event format. New this year is our Virtual Camper option. Let’s be honest with one another; we’ve had enough virtual conferences already. You see, just a year ago, we started building THAT. Our vision, create a peer-to-peer learning system where geeks can interact with one another in a more impactful way any time, from anywhere, in the best way, respecting the topic at hand. So to THAT, we say fewer slides and more code. We will have more to say about this portion of THAT Conference in the weeks to come.

Now please don’t delay in booking your tickets or your stay. Head over to,, to view all of our ticket options and a detailed description of what is included with each ticket to help you decide which option is best for you.

Campmates and Geeklings

THAT Conference has been and will always be a family-friendly conference or better-said community. Family is at our core of who we are, and it’s near and dear to our hearts. This year we made the difficult decision not to have a dedicated family track. This means THAT Conference will not formally organize family sessions, activities, or events. Instead, this year we will dedicate space for family activities and ask the families who come to self-organize in the spirit of our open spaces. Don’t you worry; exciting things are already being discussed, and we’re excited.

This year we’ve restructured our family tickets accordingly.

Call For Camp Counselors

No, you haven’t missed our call for [Sessions, Activities, Keynotes, Workshops, Creative Awesome]. Yes, it might seem a bit backward, but then again we’ve had a few bugs in our camp this past year screwing things up.

We’re currently updating our submission process to account for the new format and hope to launch that very soon. You will be able to submit for all portions of THAT Conference, and even if you don’t get featured, there are still opportunities to be involved.

Need help with your ideas, abstract? We’ve added a weekly activity on THAT to help anyone in need,

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Want to see your company sponsor THAT Conference 2021? The recently expanded 212,000 sq ft Kalahari Convention Center is dedicated only to THAT Conference for the week! We have creative and unique opportunities available, including our digital-first global platform to connect geeks and supporting communities worldwide. Check out our offerings or contact us for details. THAT Conference 2021 Partnership Prospectus

No need to wait until July

Join us on the 15th of every month for THAT Online That’s right, every month, any topic, you get to choose. We hope to see you at the next monthly event on May 15th.

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