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Refactoring THAT Conference 2020

Refactoring THAT Conference 2020

Last week we were faced with the incredibly difficult task of announcing our new plans for THAT Conference 2020, or better said, this year we’re refactoring THAT Conference 2020. Not cancelled, not postponed, and not in-person, just different and refactored in such a way we hope we can bring everyone the most value given our current climate.


  • August 3rd 2020 Refactored. Tickets on sale soon.
  • THAT Conference 2021 - New dates of July 26 through July 29, 2021.
  • THAT Conference is also headed to Texas in 2021.
  • There is literally something happening every day of the week and we’d love to see ya.

The vast majority of us have been sheltered at home now for months. At first what seemed like a few screwed up timelines, has quickly become a global historic event. Uniformly, our road ahead has many unanswered questions, but one thing still remains true, our community is more important than ever and so is our collective safety.

If luck is on our side, then I guess call us lucky. There wasn’t a need to make a quick decision and potentially overreact; we’ve been studying others and partnering with as many folks as possible to best understand our realities while refactoring for a better future. Unfortunately, the harsh realities of COVID-19, along with some of the new state guidelines, have left us unable to safely proceed with this year’s THAT Conference in the manner in which you have all come to know and love. This community means everything to us, and as much as we will miss our in-person gathering this year, the health and safety of everyone takes top priority.

Our mission is, and has always been, to build a community of folks who support one another each and every day, not to become an event planning company. You didn’t really think we were going to let some virus stop us, did you?

Announcing THAT Conference 2020 - August 3rd

Recently many efforts have “just” gone online. Every day we get an email selling us some hot new awesome platform claiming they can take THAT Conference to the clouds. Skeuomorphism is something we’ve all come to know all too well in software development. Trying to best represent the physical but digitally. We can’t pretend to replicate your conference experience digitally nor do we think that brings you the most value.

If our mission at THAT is to cultivate community, then our events are a facility meant to easily connect people. Furthermore, our sessions are topics that unite people of a similar interest without even knowing one another. It’s always hard to select those sessions and we can’t logistically accept everything, which is why our Open Spaces is core to our DNA.

On August 3rd, we’re centering around two themes: Inspire & Connect. The format is simple, you pick the topics, and we will inspire. Over the next couple of months we’re going to be working to launch with the goal of helping us all run virtual open spaces. That means, this August we could literally have thousands of sessions.

There is one catch, you will need a ticket to participate. For the first time ever, this year’s tickets will be free. That’s right, FREE! But if you’d like to help support THAT then you can put any price on your that ticket and we’d be grateful. We will also have some exclusive 2020 gear available at the time of purchase.

We can’t wait to see you August 3rd.

Announcing THAT Conference WI 2021!

You read that right. Mark your calendars now because THAT Conference 2021 starts July 26, 2021. You spoke and we were listening. August was great, but many geeks out there couldn’t attend due to school calendars. Well August, it’s been fun, but hello July! From here on out, we will be held that last full week of July. In the coming weeks we will publish a new calendar of milestones adjusting a few accordingly.

Announcing THAT Conference TX 2021!

Wait, WUT? Texas get ready, we’re coming! We’re in the midst of working out all the juicy details, such as finalizing dates. We can’t wait to start to talking about it, so stay tuned!

But wait there is more! Join THAT literally almost every day of the week!

Now more than ever we need our community. Almost every day at THAT there is something going on. Over the past few months we’ve been working on:

  • Every Monday and Wednesday at 12pm CST and are live streaming on Twitch ( Join Clark and his daily guest(s) from THAT Community in a variety of conversations each and every week. Look for a schedule on how to get involved in the coming weeks!
  • Each Tuesday and Thursday, we invite you to spend your lunch hour with us for THAT Lunch. Starting at 12pm CST, hop in to a Zoom call for some face time with your fellow THAT Community members. A link to each Zoom call will be posted prior to the start time in #announcements in THAT Slack.
  • End the week with THAT Happy Hour. Join us every Friday at 5pm CST! Grab your favorite beverage and get together for an end-of-the week social gathering. Check out #announcements for the Zoom link for each THAT Happy Hour in THAT Slack.

Did you make it this far?

Great, Thank You! We hope you and your families are safe. No doubt these are difficult times and sometimes you just need a little help. We’re here, help us help you.

Remember Jaimee from Picture This Clothing? She’s giving everyone 15% off your order when you use discount code THAT. It looks like we’re going to be wearing masks for a while, why not go make something epic.

If you’d like to watch this announcement then head over here:

Stay healthy and safe!

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