Clark Sell
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It's time we chat

2020 was, without a doubt, an unprecedented year flipping the script on just about everything. This was especially true for us at THAT Conference.

As we navigated through March and April of last year we quickly realized 2020 was going to be very different and our beloved in-person Wisconsin event was not going to happen nor would we be able to debut THAT in Texas.

It’s easy to label COVID as a major setback and cry into our canteens but it also forced everyone to re-evaluate, recenter and invest in new opportunities. For us, it opened the door to build Before COVID, THAT was just a notebook full of ideas, sketches, and a vision to better service you. Fast forward and today we’ve grown from 0 to 1326 members, 200 activities, and over 200 hours of conversations. We’re just getting started and the possibilities are endless.

Now it’s time we talk about 2021 and the future of THAT. Join us on March 31st at noon live on YouTube. We will recap the past 370 days of March and discuss our exciting plans for the future.

Join us here: at 12:00 Central Time.

Clark Sell - Founder, THAT

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