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It's THAT Time. Introducing

It’s THAT Time.

It’s so hard to believe that in only one week August is upon us. Next Monday, August 3rd marks the very first THAT Online. Honestly it marks something much bigger than a day of sessions, it’s the beginning of THAT Online, So grab your favorite camping chair, get comfy, and let me explain.

A year ago on the keynote stage, I made mention of A place where we didn’t have to wait until August or some event. A place where we could collaborate on any topic at the time it was the most important for us. Today is that day and while I’m excited as ever, I’m also honestly scared beyond belief.

I started THAT to be part of building a community of people that wanted to support one another each and every day, through the good and bad, regardless of tech stack, location, gender, color, or whatever. The past 7 months have proven we have so many awesome Geeks and Geeklings here who do exactly that. It’s also shown we have so much more we can do too. I’m grateful to be surrounded by each and every one of you and truly our journey is just getting started.

On August 3rd we are taking a different approach. We’re not trying to replicate what we’ve done when we’re together at THAT Conference. I want you to think un-conference meets open spaces, meets conference call, meets screen sharing, meets THAT. Our goal was to create a safe place where we can all collaborate on whatever we want, however we want, whenever we want.

Easy, convenient, transparent, flexible, and, most importantly, valuable. These are just some of the tenants we keep coming back to. We’ve worked very hard to lay a foundation for a better online experience that isn’t bound by false boundaries and can service all. Of course we have plenty of features on the backlog but we’re very excited to try something different.

The question I’ve received the most is who are this year’s speakers? My answer is we all are. We all have something we can contribute. We also all have questions we need answered. THAT is what is about. Have a question, ask it. Want to present on something, have at it. Want to have an open space, do it. No boundaries other than having an internet connection. is officially live, and you can start loading the schedule now.

What about the Geeklings? While we have no official family track ( or any tracks ) this year, our Geeking community can get it in on the action too! Family sessions geared toward the young or young at heart are totally welcome. Just note, that anyone under the age of 13 will need to use a parent account to sign up for sessions and access THAT Online on August 3rd. Just make sure to tag the session with Family.

THAT Online is designed to Inspire and Connect (hey…that’s this year’s theme!) and we need every community member to get ready to share their awesomeness in order to inspire other practitioners and forge new connections among all of us. And remember: ANYONE can create a session on whatever topic they are interested in sharing with the community!

Tickets. You still have a week to get your ticket for THAT Online. For this year, we’ve redone how tickets work. Tickets range from a zero cost Camper ticket to a \$1000 Corporate Partner ticket. You get to pick the ticket, you get to pick the price that is right for you. Secure your ticket today at

We’re beyond excited to kick off THAT Online, and with it, the frenzy that follows. Get your ticket, get your gear, load up the schedule. It’s THAT time!


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