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BOO! Call For Counselors Ends This Sunday!

I’m sorry we scared you, but time is running out to submit your awesome for THAT Conference Texas.

Geeks, Campmates, and Geeklings, time is running out! Call for Counselors ends on midnight October 31st. Don’t be scared, you still have time, and we’re here to help.

Submit for ON THAT or AT THAT!

Workshops, keynotes, sessions, geeklings, pair programming sessions, Python, .NET, Java, Databases, AI, UI/UX, all the things!

We get asked a lot if this or that is a fit for THAT Conference. Our answer is simple, does it involve tech in some way? If that answer is yes, then chances are it fits, but we are always open to out-of-the-box thinking.

If you want to speak AT THAT Conference or ON THAT Conference, there is an opportunity for everyone regardless of where they live.

ON THAT Is Different!

When we set out to build it wasn’t to create a platform where people would sling slide decks. It was to create a place where people could collaborate differently. The spirit of ON THAT is different.

When you submit for ON THAT you’re offering to be the trail guide on a particular subject. The conversations are interactive, just like if you’d sit around a campfire. Could you sling slides? Sure. Instead, why not kick off a topic, dive into some code, pair program? You’re the guide, but that doesn’t mean the folks sitting around the campfire might not have some experience or questions and could also help navigate the subject.

ON THAT sessions are different. We know geeks don’t want to sit and watch their screens, and we don’t either. We all have experiences that could help one another, and we believe there is a better way to collaborate. ON THAT is the space we created to blaze some new trails.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what tech stack you’re into; there is a place for you ON THAT.

Can we help you in some way?

Seriously, this is no joke. Do you have questions? Would you like a review? We don’t even care if you’re submitting for THAT; we want to help. Every Friday at 12 CST, we’re on answering questions, mentoring, or just chatting.

We want you to be your most excellent version of yourself. Stop by and say hi.

Wisconsin, you’re on deck!

Before you know it, January will be here. We kick off the new year by opening the Call for Counselors Wisconsin on January 3rd! We’ve also updated all dates to reflect the current schedule.

Texas tickets are now on sale!

THAT Conference Texas Tickets are now on sale and room blocks are open. We have some new discounts for folks paying for their own ticket and we've partnered with the Kalahari Resorts to give campers some incredible room rates. Pro-Tip, don't delay.

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