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THAT Submissions Closing Soon!

We know you all have been thinking through all the awesome you want to submit to THAT 2020 and now is the time to get those submissions in. You have only 6 days left to get your abstracts in for THAT Conference 2020, so let’s get to it!

Info we will need for your THAT Submission

  • Title: Descriptive title for your session that will set you apart.
  • Track: Submitting for Professional or Family.
  • Type: Regular (60 minute talk), Keynote (90 minute talk), Half-Day Workshop (Pre-Conference), or Full-Day Workshop (Pre-Conference).
  • Short Description: Quick 100 character description of your session we will use on the site and social promotion of your session.
  • Full Description: Abstract for the session you are submitting. This will be the full detail the attendee will see to learn about your session.
  • Primary Category: What sector of our industry best captures your session? This helps us provide balance across all topics.
  • Target Audience: Anybody, Developers or Managers?
  • Key Takeaways: What are the thing(s) an attendee can plan to leave your session learning?
  • Why are you the best person to give this talk?: Give us a quick idea of your awesome and what would make you a great THAT 2020 Counselor on this topic.

Submitting a workshop?
We’ll need a few more things…

  • Prerequisites or Previous Experience: What will an attendee need to have installed or know so that they can get the most out of your workshop?
  • Agenda: What does the outline of your workshop session look like?

Optional fields to help us learn more about you and your submission

  • Secondary Categories: If your submission covers more than one category, tell us what else it covers.

  • Supporting Links/Related Resources: Items we can list on your session page if selected so that attendees will have easy access to all your materials and links.

  • Record your session?: A portion of our sessions will be recorded again this year! Let us know for this session if you would like to be recorded.

  • Mentorship: If this session is selected, how much mentorship/collaboration with our team would you like?

  • How can we help you be successful with this session?: What else do you want to share with THAT Crew on you and your submission?

Need some help?

From feedback, more info, to additional resources, we’ve got you covered…

Simply put, we are here to help. Not just the folks at THAT Conference but the entire community who represents THAT. If you need help, jump in the #sessions channel in our Slack and ask away. If you’d rather email us, you can reach us at [email protected]. The worst thing you can do is not ask! Let us help you be your most awesome.

In the meantime, check out Your Abstract Sucks by Clark Sell and walk through THAT Submission Worksheet over on our blog in Turning Your Awesome Into Submissions.

No one shares your unique perspective and experiences. Whether relating to a technology, personal health, leadership or want to teach our next generation of engineers you have awesome to share!

Call for Speakers remains open until March 1st and we want to hear from you!

❤️ THAT Crew

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