Alex Will

Camp Counselor

Cloud-Native Apps in Azure: Architecture, Implementation, Deployment, and Monitoring

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Monday, May 23, 2022 - 1:00 PM UTC, for 8 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: Campsite 1


During this all-day workshop, we will demonstrate how to plan for and manage the full lifecycle of a modern application using the latest Microsoft Azure resources and tooling. We will start with a high-level overview of a wide variety of architectural and Cloud-based considerations and we will then work our way down through a complete setup of a basic application all the way from a clean Azure DevOps and GIT repo setup, through bootstrapping an empty UI in Angular and a robust API using .NET Core/C#. We will demonstrate how to fully automate the deployment and development lifecycle of these application components up to Azure. We will ultimately take the same Azure configuration and convert it to a full “infrastructure as code” setup using Terraform. We will also discuss how to efficiently and cost-effectively make use of Azure resources by demonstrating various best practices for choosing the right components and proactively monitoring the utilization and costs of your applications. If you want an example of a very robust and “real world” Cloud-based architecture targeted to Microsoft Azure then this 8-hour workshop will be something you do not want to miss.


Architectures in Azure Framework choices from .NET Core to NodeJS to Mobile GIT Best Practices for Branching and Versioning Database Options and Implications Azure DevOps Pipelines Azure Planning and Pricing Containerization Ongoing Monitoring and Support


Familiarity with: Azure, DevOps Pipelines, Full-Stack solutions, databases

Take Aways

  • Deploy and maintain full stack applications
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Pricing
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