Robert Boedigheimer

Camp Counselor

Keeping Campfire Secrets… Secret (Cryptography 101)

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Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 3:30 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: B & G

Data Protection

Learn the fundamentals of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, and digital signatures. Discover which techniques are appropriate for various situations. Review practical real-life examples for storing passwords, protecting URL parameters, securely exchanging information with partners, and safely encrypting sensitive information on public web sites. Concepts apply to all platforms/languages/frameworks, examples will be in C# for both .NET and .NET 5. What happens by the campfire, stays by the campfire!


Programming experience and exposure to C# helpful but not required

Take Aways

  • Understand the different goals of cryptography (confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation).
  • Learn appropriate techniques for various goals
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