Keith Dahlby

Camp Counselor

SPAs without JavaScript? Turbo!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023 - 6:00 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: African 60

Despite all the hype around frameworks like React and Vue, the reality is that the vast majority of development still uses server-side rendering with languages other than JavaScript. This session will progressively enhance a plain HTML application to act like a SPA using Turbo, the default front-end framework for Ruby on Rails. We'll specifically avoid integrating with Rails to focus on how Turbo works and how any web application can be made more responsive while still using server-rendered HTML.


Though targeted at developers working with traditional server-rendered web applications, this talk would also be educations to developers who have only worked with JSON-driven single-page applications.

Take Aways

  • How to install Turbo
  • How to adapt an existing application to work with Turbo
  • Why one might choose Turbo and HTML-over-the-wire
  • A refresher on how to build a web app without JavaScript
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