Caleb Jenkins

Camp Counselor

Coding Naked – Unit testing those hard to reach places

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Tuesday, January 17, 2023 - 7:00 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: Campsite 5

Code Quality

Code coverage with quality unit tests are your first line of defense to reducing technical debt, increasing code quality and accelerating your ability to change and adapt code (without breaking it) while continuing to add new features. Most TDD sessions focus on the easy to test areas of your code base that are almost never what you experience getting back to your desk. Come learn why TDD is not a fancy practice for the coding elite, but an understandable, obtainable and practical approach to delivering value for every developer, and how, when done properly, will increase communication and design between the business stake holders and developers. We will focus on practical steps to moving towards & embracing TDD. We’ll overview the normal roadblocks that people typically run in to, and practical coding strategies to overcome those road blocks on your way to embracing a Test Driven Development lifestyle - make coding without tests as uncomfortable as coding naked! - From the author of Automated Unit Tests chapter in the Wrox Book “Real World .NET, C# and Silverlight - Indispensable Experience from 15 MVPs, we will learn: - Distinguish between the 4 major elements of automated unit tests. Code, Tests, Testing Framework and Test Runners and how they interact with each other to round out your engineering practices. - Discover how Mocking Frameworks and DI make your tests easier to read and write in everyday life. - Dig in to better ways to write and organize your tests so that they communicate intent, document your code for you and bridge the gap between development and business needs. - We’ll take a more specific look at those “hard to reach” places like the edges of your code, extension methods and other interesting scenarios * everyone will leave their cloths on - it’s not that kind of talk!


A basic understanding of C# would be helpful before this talk.

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