Jay Hill

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Dad Joke Competition from BigParser

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023 - 5:15 PM UTC, for 0.5 hour.

AT THAT (In-Person Only) Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: African 60


Oil your eyes, so they're ready to roll! Bring on the groans, bring on the moans, get your kids off those phones. That's right — we're hosting a live Dad Joke Competition, open to dads, non-dads and crawdads. We're looking for ridiculous riddles, jokes to knock-knock your socks off — any kind of word play for some good, clean pun. Kids will be judges, rating each joke with eye rolls 🙄🙄🙄, and are also free to contribute jokes if they prefer. We'll start with a quick overview of our subject matter, BigParser, while the kids prepare their scorecards. We'll set you up with raw materials (concepts and terminology) and then it is off to the races while we laugh off our faces. 🤣 Bring the whole family because bringing just the top half might hurt.

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