Kris Boedigheimer

Camp Counselor

Ultimate Flashlight Tag - Arduino Neopixels and LED Module Hands-On Workshop

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Monday, July 26, 2021 - 10:30 PM UTC, for 2 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: 7


Come on in and learn about microcontrollers. Then learn to wire and code an Arduino to light up a ring of Neopixel lights. We will make the lights blink and chase, and change colors. Then we will add a sound detector and program the Neopixels to react to the beat of the music. Finally, we will code a Dot Matrix LED module to light up a short word or design. We will do a little wiring to get the Arduino, Neopixel ring, and LED Matrix setup. It’s all hands-on. Bring a Windows laptop (I am not familiar with Mac and Linux) and order the Arduino, Neopixel,, Sound Sensor, and LED Module listed below and bring them along in order to participate in wiring and coding. If you are not able to order the items below, we will have a few stations setup on a first come first serve basis. Of course, you are welcome to watch and follow along. Finally, we will learn some future products to make with your Arduino and lights. Items to purchase: Arduino: Neopixel Ring: Sound Sensor: Dot Matrix Module: Wires: Note: This is intended for professionals as an introduction to microcontrollers for yourself or to learn and possibly take it home to teach your kids to code.


• learning about microcontrollers • learn variables, if-then statements, loops, and functions. • Light up microcontroller, then neopixel lights • Code to customize light patterns • Add sound sensor • Code to customize sound and light patterns • connect LED module • Code LED lights to make a word, scroll words, make shapes • Brainstorm things you want to try at home.


If you have attended the Neopixel workshop in prior years, you can attend. We will review and learn even more. We will be adding to our knowledge by programming LED light modules to spell and scroll words.

Take Aways

  • learn about Arduino hardware and software
  • learn some C coding
  • learn about sensors
  • , learn about sensors, lights, and led modules
  • Learn future projects to make with an Arduino
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