Wesley Faulkner

Camp Counselor

Be just like me... different.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021 - 1:30 PM UTC, for 1.5 hours.

Keynote, 90 minute presentation

Room: Mess Hall

I'm not a person that has been the most eloquent, articulate, attractive, smartest, nicest, put together, on time... you get the point. By many definitions, I am chock full of flaws. What I want to drive home is that this does not make me an outlier. What this is, is typical. My story is not unique, and for that reason, it stands out. It stands out because many people can relate, but not many people want to talk about their flaws and their problems and generally failing regularly. You're not alone, and I see you, and hopefully, you can see a little of you and me. I'm going to take you on a journey, my life journey. I'll show you where I was right, where I was wrong, and how I survived. It led me to understand that there's a place for me and space for how I see the world. We're all unique, which makes our experience familiar. There are 7.8 billion people on this planet. You are going to be accepted by more people than you can handle. I'm not remarkable, yet I have a story to tell. That should be your motivation enough that being yourself is good enough.

Take Aways

  • Feel free to be your whole self.
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